Hello and welcome to my online office. Thank you for stopping by. I'm Valentin, a freelance PPC specialist in London, ambitious and very focused on my work which includes paid advertising campaigns, SEO and SEM analisys, social media integration and more. In order to help you grow your business, over the years I've sepecialised in the following areas of expertise:
Facebook Ads
I help businesses maximize their ROI with Facebook/Instagram advertising management and optimization.That means building and optimizing customer acquisition cycles (sales funnels) that are driven by Facebook ads. By monitoring and analyzing advertising results and onsite behavior via facebook analytics, I am able to interpret the true impact ads are having on your business then optimize, change and tweak strategies to better align with your business objectives. I am able to segment audiences and use action-based retargeting to send the right messages to the right people at the right times in order to move them through the sales cycle and convert them into leads and sales.
AdWords Campaigns, if managed correctly can be a very suitable solution to send, on a consistent basis, a steady stream of highly motivated customers to your business. As a AdWords specialist I will perform specific tasks that will help you to build a solid online presence. Tasks will include (although not limited to) keywords research to find the best advertising opportunities, mining search query reports to add new long-tail keywords, match types and negatives, interpreting Adwords reports, managing bidding strategies, writing and testing new ads ... and many more. I perceive Adwords as a strategy game and I consider every action I take as a chance to make a move that improves results.
SEO Analisys
A beautiful site is not enough to attract many visitors. That is why your site have to stay optimized for search engines. This will assure a privileged position in search results and many visitors will reach it. As a SEO adviser I can analyze your website for improvements, do keyword research, suggest SEO copywriting and serve as a liaison between various departments. To monitor performance on a daily basis, I sepcialized also in Google Analitycs which allows me to perform specific task (collect and report on performance of key metrics like signup rate, value per lead, sales conversion rate, unique visits, revenue, run-rate etc.) on behalf of my clients businesses.

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